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#wip of “A Rebirth”
"The Astral Ones" by Cory Benhatzel
for Modern Eden Gallery’s “Universe: The Art of Existence” curated by Michael Cuffe of Warholian
available HERE

"Formula 86" by Cory Benhatzel

inspired by “The Witches” for tonight’s “The Subtle Art of Pop Culture” show at Gallery 1988 for inquiries

Starting a happy little spring #wip … Flowers, a butterfly and a skull crying blood.

"Bejeweled Beauties" by Cory Benhatzel

available HERE thru Alexi Era Gallery

Honored to be showing alongside so many talented artists tonight in 2 amazing shows: “Indelible” at @auniakahn ‘s @alexieragallery and “Of History and Hope” at @flowerpeppergallery curated by @nbruckman πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—

"Legends", by Cory Benhatzel, 2013, available at Arch Enemy ArtsΒ #TBT for inquiries

Included in the painting are: the ceryneian hind (the sacred, Greek deer of Artemis) , Huginn and Muninn (the Norse ravens of Odin; “Thought” and “Memory” or “Mind”), Fenrir (the Norse wolf who destroys Odin), a griffin (the legendary, powerful creature that was a mix of beast and bird), an English folklore white hare (said to be the form witches take at night to look for prey or the restless spirits of broken hearted maidens who haunt their unfaithful lovers), and Ratatoskr (the Norse squirrel who runs up and now the world tree to carry messages between the eagle and the worm).

The beginnings of color in @plantiebee ‘s commission #wip
Perhaps it’s because I work like this that I’m recovering now from the latest flare up of the pinched nerve in my back/neck haha. πŸ˜‰
Here’s a #wip of “Onward, Courage” which will be showing in @flowerpeppergallery ‘s “Of History and Hope”, opening April 5th.  A portion of the proceeds from artwork sales with be donated to Lions, Tigers & Bears: A Big Cat & Exotic Animal Rescue for inquiries