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"From Within Us" by @CoryLou Benhatzel for #Home
© 2014
Acrylic on Wood
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"Satanica Catus (pink)" by Cory Benhatzel, 2013
Packing up an order from Friday’s sale after a lovely bike ride. 
P.s. It’s hot outside.

hereisyourfuckingaspirin asked: Can I tattoo your drawings on my body?

Of course!  Please carefully pick an a quality tattoo artist and send me a picture of the finished tattoo!  Thanks for the message

Finishing up the glow on the moon, add sparkle to the stars and then it’s varnish and being sent off to @gristletattoo for next week’s show #wip #nofilter
TODAY ONLY!  Flashback Friday sale: Enter QUEENS at for 50% off!

On another note, anyone going to Queens of the Stone Age tonight in Rochester, NY? 😉
"The Night of The Cat" by Cory Benhatzel, 2013
Today’s progress so far on this #wip - for me it’s about feeling two ways about something…

queenofmushroomsblog asked: Your art is amazing! ::eyes explode from awesomeness:: do you sell prints?

Thank you!  Currently I don’t have any prints available but that very well may change in the future, so keep your eyes peeled! :)

labyrinthvoices asked: Hey Cory...if you ever did a Tarot deck I would buy it so fast. Just sayin'. ♡

Thanks, I’ve had a few people inquire about that before.  I love Tarot and I’d love to create a deck one one day; it would just be an enormous undertaking!  But if and when it happens, I’ll post it here! :)

Maybe for now I’ll do selected cards to become paintings and then maybe prints…any favorites you’d like to see first?  **I’d love to take everyone’s suggestions on this**  <3