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"Fox Magic" hits my shop tomorrow at noon- #tbt
"Legends" by Cory Benhatzel, 2013
available HERE
Working on a new big painting, can’t believe it’s been a year since I painted this big! 😳 #wip
Little kitty #wip !
Will be in my shop soon 😺
"Formula 86" inspired by "The Witches" by Cory Benhatzel
Available HERE
Masks…scythes…Halloween kitties…#wip
"Departure", 2013 by Cory Benhatzel

unfollowmeyou-deactivated201408 asked: A wooden card tarot deck?!!

That would be amazing!  I would love to do it.  I’ve had a lot of people inquiring about Tarot stuffs from me lately :D

Thanks for the message!

#wip on my Halloween wolf
"The Decision" by Cory Benhatzel
"The Decision" for this Saturday’s "Secret World" show at Gristle Tattoo+Art or 347.889.6422 for inquiries