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Getting an early start today on this brand new one. And pretty excited about it… #wip
"Forest Satanicat" by Cory Benhatzel
Available HERE
Here’s my contribution to Modern Eden’s @moderneden “Home” show; entitled “From Within Us” (on right) as seen on display now in the gallery in San Francisco.  The imagery on my piece is very personal to me; barn owls depicting aspects of life/death/birth, amongst human skulls and bones.  One side has a juvenile barn owl, another a baby, and the front is the adult (parents). In this world, animals such as these magical owls have outlasted “The Uprights” (humans) who have destroyed each other with their savage wars and the creatures are left to a peaceful existence.

It was a fun challenge painting these wrap-around scenes on a three dimensional object; it was my first time doing so besides a nesting doll set several years ago.  I hope to do more three dimensional objects in the future, and hopefully take it even further to making my creatures three dimensional…..

ilikestripez asked: Ive only just found your art, what paints do you use?! Your art is so deliciously good ahh OTL <3

Thanks very much!  I use acrylic paints on birch panels.  Thanks for the message! :)

Where I spend most days; at my desk! And grateful for every one 😊

"From Within Us" by @CoryLou Benhatzel for #Home
© 2014
Acrylic on Wood
Follow the artist on tumblr: corybenhatzel
"Satanica Catus (pink)" by Cory Benhatzel, 2013
Packing up an order from Friday&#8217;s sale after a lovely bike ride. 
P.s. It&#8217;s hot outside.

hereisyourfuckingaspirin asked: Can I tattoo your drawings on my body?

Of course!  Please carefully pick an a quality tattoo artist and send me a picture of the finished tattoo!  Thanks for the message

Finishing up the glow on the moon, add sparkle to the stars and then it&#8217;s varnish and being sent off to @gristletattoo for next week&#8217;s show #wip #nofilter